Privacy & Terms

Privacy & Terms

Terms of participation:

  • The customer agrees that in case of not conforming to specific requirements in accordance to the proficiency test items process, APT may terminate the service at its sole discretion.
  • The participant is responsible for any damage to the test item, as well as for its repair or replacement.
  • The participant must acknowledge that his Company meets the requirements of his participation before they contract our services.
  • The participant ensures credibility and integrity of his reported values and the calculations made.
  • The participant is responsible for the appropriate process of packing and shipment of the test items, as well as for any damage that may happen during the sending.
  • The customer is responsible for the shipment fees of the test items, as well as for any additional international shipment fees.
  • The customer shall pay APT up front for all testing item activities in accordance with APT established fees, before APT sends the test item.
  • The customer agrees that APT will not disclose the final report until the participant receives the test item.
  • To properly ensure the process of protection and handling of the test item. The participant is responsible for any damage during the calibration.
  • The customer as well as all participants agree to inform APT immediately of any difficulties arisen during the testing item process. It is recommended that all participants look very carefully to the contract before agreeing to get the service.
  • At least one member of the APT staff shall be present at the time of the calibration process, in order to solve any arisen doubts regarding the test item.
  • By sending the purchase order to APT, the customer agrees to all the terms of service.
  • The customer agrees to keep all information confidential regarding the results obtained on the test item and they should not disclose any information to any third party.
  • The customer shall pay up front before scheduling the calibration service.
  • For international transfers could apply extra fees.
  • Various aspects of the proficiency testing scheme can from time to time be subcontracted. When subcontracting occurs, it is placed with a competent subcontractor and the proficiency testing provider is responsible for this work.

Privacy Notice

Purpose of the collection of personal data:

American Proficiency Test Lab, CORP. is committed to protect your privacy, the personal data will be used for manage procedures related to the services and information requested, communicate changes in them, as well as for the evaluation of the services provided.

The information can be:

  • Provision of proficiency test services
  • Creation, Analysis, update, and maintenance of results of proficiency test reports.
  • Billing and collection for services
  • Studies, records, statistics and information analysis, results of proficiency test performance.
  • Keeping records to monitor services, provision of services in the future and in general to monitor any contractual relationship.
  • Statistical and market analysis
  • Promotion and marketing of products and services
  • Invitation to events.

Personal data will be kept and treated with strict security and confidentiality for purposes related to the provision of services.

Use of technology, cookies, web beacons and any other electronics.

Our website uses cookies, the data collected through these technologies are: user ID, session ID, region from where it is accessed, type of operating system, date and time of the start and end the session, web pages visited, searches performed and advertising reviewed.

The purpose for which the above data is collected is to offer you a better browsing experience on our web pages.

These technologies can be disabled by following the respective procedures of your browser, however, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to fully experience the interactive features of the services you visit.


For the provision of services, APT can transfer the personal data in its possession to subcontracted third parties for purposes related to those indicated in this privacy notice.

Among the third parties to which said data will be transferred include calibration and testing laboratories, research centers, accreditation entities, authorities, government agencies or those that APT deems necessary to communicate personal data.

Notice of changes to the privacy notice

This privacy notice may be modified at any time to comply whit legislative updates, internal policies, standards criteria, requirements for the provisions of proficiency test services or any other cause to the sole discretion of APT, in this case the modifications will be available on our website.

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